Why Virtual Overtake?

There are many questions when one thinks about Internet, IT, Computers, Work Automation, Web Development, eCommerce, SEO, Internet Marketing, Hardware & Technical help etc and hopes that someone can answer everything for them (or atleast guide them to the next step). That’s where Virtual Overtake comes in, it’s a One-Stop for anything and everything you need.

We are not here to talk about our achievements, we are here to help you achieve what you want to. And that’s going to be the achievement for us. Taking your requirements into consideration and specially tailoring everything around it.

We understand that every business and more importantly every businessman is different and we want to go by what each one thinks and requires. We’ll not talk the regular sales language, we’ll rather help you take an informed decision. As such we are not worried about our sales, as we keep getting more referrals and repeat clients over time – because of our commitment to generate results.

Frankly we don’t have competition either, we have a completely different approach which is from a practical business point of view and not conventional run of the mill stuff.

Our communication is very proactive and you’ll keep getting updates of the progress on our support system or by phone, chat or email or as preferred by you (we use the reputed Basecamp project management tool too)

We will also be available to you on Skype, E-mail, Whatsapp or by phone whenever required.

What We Solve?

Virtual Overtake LLP came into existence to solve basic (practical) needs of clients like
» What are the options to automate the complete sales cycle?
» How can I benefit from Google and SEO?
» How can I build a strategic website?
» How do I know what my competitors are doing?
» How to use Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc) for Marketing?
» I want to build an Online game.
» I want to be able to take control of my website.
» I use WordPress, can someone help off n on?
» How do I get into E-Commerce?
» I have a business, how can I benefit from IT?
» Want to get Data Entry work done.
» How should I go Online (on the Internet).
» I am Online but I’m getting little benefit.
» Facing issues with my PC/Laptop/Phone, need help.
» My software is not solving my problem.

and any other challenge…

USERWhat do our Clients Say…

  • “Virtual Overtake was instrumental in transforming my website to a level that I could have never even imagined. You have to see it to believe it. These guys really understand business the way we do…”

    Denise Denton
    Tampa FL US

  • “I was always unsure of whom to trust my SEO/Internet Marketing to. I really had fair share of bad experiences. However Virtual Overtake changed it all, they are the experts in real sense. I feel lucky…”

    Shyna Goldstone
    Sydney NSW Australia

  • “I have a food processing unit. I was struggling with it automation till I met Virtual Overtake guys. They brought everything under records in 3 months flat. You can trust them with anything…”

    Sarvpreet Singh
    Chandigarh, india

occupationYou can be in any occupation, we can streamline it further…

Doctor, Engineer, Health Consultant, IT Professional, Hotelier, Factory Owner, Builder, Travel Agent, Designer, Fleet Owner, Chemist, Property Dealer, Lawyer, Astrologer, Spa Owner, Educationist, Departmental Store Owner, Taxi Operator, Wedding Consultant, Event Management, Consultant and including everyone else

Virtual Overtake LLP

  • VO CanadaCANADA : 58 Sequin Drive, Richmond Hill, ON, L4E0M4,+1 (647) 283-7187


  • VO IndiaIndia : 430-A, 2nd Floor, Industrial Area, Phase 2, Chandigarh, 160002 +91 (956) 924-5151
What we do? (actually we do a lot more)
  • Mobile Applications (iPhone, Android)
  • Web Designing (Redesigning)
  • Responsive, Mobile Friendly Websites
  • Web Development
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEO)
  • Online Brand/Reputation Management
  • Internet Marketing

  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Shopping Cart Services
  • Gaming Applications
  • Software Development
  • IT Support & Virtual Assistants
  • Website Maintenance

  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Content Writing
  • Data Entry
  • Logo Designing
  • Project Management
  • anything else? simply contact us…

If we look at what businesses need today, then from our experience we can definitely say “they need a marketing arm that seamlessly integrates to their existing business and helps them promote it through the newer online avenues.”

Information technology (IT) can sometimes get a little too overwhelming and for someone who has been successfully running a trade for long, this may become a little frustrating. Virtual Overtake has identified this as a perennial challenge and therefore come up with one-on-one strategy. Every client we work with, we go through a customization phase. And this is a calibration where client and we work the best possible option.

Internet is an effective marketing platform to promote your business and ideas. And it means an amalgamation of a lot of stuff, website, apps, ecommerce, software, hosting, cms etc.

Online marketing is a powerful tool to market your business and earn profits. What if you want to reach 1000s of audience quickly! What would be the quickest, easiest and the most efficient way to do that? Certainly, it won’t be the manual, making your message and trying to reaching every individual. Internet is definitely the key here. All you need to know is the proper use of it to market your product or your services.

Web promoting basically incorporates using diverse mechanical assemblies and means to highlight your business to be visible to a broader base of potential customers.

It involves showcasing via business listings, email, websites, recordings, videos, ads, online journals, press releases etc. Online networking and portable showcasing could be incorporated into this.

Internet marketing is a very useful tool and most marketers can use the best of their marketing skills in conjunction with it. Now, it is so much in vogue that it’s must for the marketers to learn the A-Z of internet marketing and grow business. It’s not easy to understand what the needs of the consumers are, when do they need something and in what manner they want it to be taken care of. However through internet you can always be visible for them.

The internet is gradually becoming the primary source for people to search, and it’s going to only get stronger from here.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Organic form of SEM – used to enhance the rankings or visibility of a website page in search queries. SEO programs work to move query items higher in the search engine rankings like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and others. The higher the ranks, more the probability of getting visitors/customers to contact you. In this, one needs to maintain quality and results are organic and not paid.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing is basically a process, assisting in getting traffic and upgrading the visibility rate through paid efforts. Here are a few common terms that are used to refer to some SEM activities.

• PPC (pay per click)
• Paid Search Advertising
• CPC (Cost per click)
• Paid Search Ads
• CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions)

Email Marketing

Email is a helpful and practical approach to inform existing and potential clients of services/products and offers, to respond to queries and provide support. Email messages can be utilized to highlight discounts and new items and can attract people to your site.

Email showcasing has the advantage of lower expense and higher reach rates than conventional advertising mails. It is likewise simple to track reactions with the goal.

In any case, you can likewise utilize different types of online correspondence as a feature of your web promoting. You can compose web journals, post remarks on dialog discussions, create articles for industrial sites and utilize interpersonal interaction to multiply connections.

Digital Marketing

It is fundamental now to have access to automated devices; the need to showcase a brand over the wide assortment of innovative gadgets has turned into a test for brands.
Online advertising incorporates the promoting endeavors that communicate something specific from a source (organization) to a beneficiary (client) through advanced stages and the internet. Online showcasing and retailing are quickly developing, as no more customers basically go to the closest store, instead they have their smart phones to click on and that’s paving way for global e-commerce.

Advanced showcasing exercises are SEO, SEM, content showcasing, content computerization, influence advertising, e-trade advertising, crusade promoting, email direct advertising, online networking, online networking enhancement, optical circles and diversions, show publicizing, e–books, and loads of other type of advanced media. It additionally stretches out to non-Internet channels too, eg telephones, on-hold portable ring tones and call backs.

Social Media Marketing

Social media acts as another effective tool of marketing the ideas and products. Utilizing online networking for marketing can empower little businesses hoping to facilitate reach of their range to more customers. Customers are associating with brands through online networking like never before. If executed accurately, advertising with online networking can convey exceptional results to your business. SMM includes advertising through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Linkedin and other similar platforms.