virtual-overtake-teamFrankly this section gives us the opportunity to be self proclaiming as such :D,
And we would like to get that feel good factor in here.

If we talk about experience, the top management has a combined experience of 45+ years. And we are a mix of veterans and young.

We have a global presence with offices in Canada, UK and India. Plans are on to reach out to Europe and Australia and we are already seeking active partners there.

Government sector is also what we are looking at earnestly, tremendous potential there for companies like us who give practical & executable solutions every time.

We are a team who believes in empowering our clients. We’ll work according to a set plan, we take your work as our own and rest assured you have complete piece of mind after that. And you can also be able to take over most of your work done by us by working in close coordination. Both ways will be win-win for you and us.

Anyways we can keep writing about ourselves, that’s rather natural. So we’ll keep it short and simply end by saying that if you miss to contact us, we both may be missing an opportunity to make it big together.



Virtual Overtake LLP has a fairly flat hierarchy structure. The top management always works in close coordination with the in-house team.

All work is done under strict confidentiality. We sign an NDA (non- disclosure agreement) if the client requires it.

We have multi-level back-ups so there are no communication gaps.

Our goal is to work in close tandem with our clients, so they start treating us as a part of their own team and not just a forlorn third party vendor. This really brings in great synergies.

We are available on Skype, E-mail, Whatsapp & by Phone whenever required.

Our work plan for any project invariably will have 1 main point of contact & 2 more alongside.

In case the main guy is on off – the 2nd takes charge – and in an extreme scenario if both 1 & 2 are not there due to any reason – 3rd one takes the mantle for that day. The management as such works in close tandem with the team, so it’s very rare that anything will be amiss.