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» Design is misunderstood as only related to look & feel of the website. However usability & visitor friendliness carry much more weight. This is what distinguishes the websites we make. Strong both from design and usability perspective. And not to forget making them discreetly geared towards conversion. Images too need to be contextual & good quality, otherwise they too work as turn-offs.

» This does not mean the site has to be very glitzy, usability can be achieved by keeping things simple too. The point we want to bring across is that there is no use of channeling traffic to a website if the visitors get confused or feel lost. You would have yourself seen sites that you detest for being clumsy & you simply close them as soon as you open them.

» Anyways we’ll let you know whether there are some tweaks that can be done on the website that will serve good for you or if the whole site needs a revamp. However, if you plan to get a new website done, it’s best to do the foundation first & then implement. Remember its strategy before design rather than the other way round.

» Technical Aspects: This is something that most companies tend to ignore on purpose or due to lack of knowledge, however we will ensure that there are no technical shortcoming with respect to the SEO readiness of the website.

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