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i) Internet Marketing is similar to Offline promotions/marketing that you have been doing for your business for years. Advertising channels like newspaper, radio, television have been there for long – Internet is kind of their new avatar. So you need to start promoting Online with the same zeal like you have conventionally doing. And it’s not just spending it’s actually an investment that pays you consistently in the long term.

ii) So till the time you have a website (& that’ll be lifetime) – you invariably need to promote it through Internet Marketing, to be ahead of your competition.

iii) Internet Marketing also implies more leads at hugely lower costs. Includes increase of rankings of your business keywords on search engines like Google. Just think of how much your current marketing initiates cost you yearly, you’ll be astonished to see what even 10% of that money can get you online.

iv) Google became a giant owing to one of the basic human tendencies of being somewhat “laid-back”. And this is something that will always be as is. So visibility on Google is imperative. And the cost of it can be as low as $100/month (based on how many keywords you select). Some of our clients are wowed by the kind of leads they get from search engines & somewhat unexpected big ones too.

v) Another by-product benefit will be that Google will also start ranking you for some more related keywords, which you may not have in the direct target kitty. In some cases you may start ranking for 5-10 more keywords on first page. Amazingly, you get even more than what you bargained for.

vi) Overtime, if one is able to capture most of the 10 rankings on the 1st page of Google like having the website urls, business listings, profiles links etc there, it means that the online customers are going to see different doorways but they all lead them to your website, so most of the customers funnel in to you.

vii) After you have achieved good ranking on Google, you need to keep putting in consistent efforts to stay there. There is no complacence here, and one cannot afford to stop efforts even if the rankings are achieved.

Internet Marketing is not only about Google rankings, it also improves your overall visibility over the internet (Business listings, Doc sharing, Image submissions, Video sharing etc). These are like your bill-boards – subconsciously carving your brand in the online visitors’ mind, so even if they do not need your products/services now, they remember to contact you when they do. The point of sale may be any but the bias towards a particular brand starts brewing from the internet itself. So the power of internet is too big to be ignored.

How will you start noticing the improvements through Internet Marketing:

More contact forms submissions from the website will be received.

· If a direct email ID is there on the website, emails will also increase from that ID.

· If you have a Phone Number on the website – the number of calls will increase.

· You will see more leads flowing from different geographical areas.

· Enquires will increase from referral sites like from business listings eg. startlocal, yellowpages, localstore, hotfrog, yelp etc. These may show for business keywords which you may or may not be targeting and get you additional indirect traffic.

If the conversions are not happening:
· If you are doing good Internet Marketing work for your website but customers do not convert, the reason may be the design/content of the website. You should try and make everything a little more salezy and have more Call to Action buttons. We can help here as well.
· If you are good on that part – ensure that the contact number, the contact form, the email ID are all working. Also check for the person who is responsible for tracking and coordinating the online leads. You may see things out of place there, rectify them immediately.

When we start:
· Don’t want to sound pushy, however you’ll agree that online is really about being agile.
· Each passing day would mean more covering to be done. So start today!!!

· We will send you customized business grade reports which will list each Internet Marketing activity clearly.
· This report will be both detailed & easy to understand, guaranteed value for money as compared to the usual messy reports which most vendors quickly club together.

How do we define a website?:
· A website is something that you own & plan to have for the rest of your life – therefore we suggest that you need to really invest in getting it to a level where it should  be.
· Website is an extension of you, you as a brand – it’s not just a set of pages.
· It needs to be high on usability – don’t you yourself get pissed off if you see a stupid website.
· Up market address not physical anymore – it’s virtual – it’s your website.
· Website needs to be your next age powerful marketing machine (making you real money).
· A designer-developer cannot create a website – you need someone like you who can think from a business perspective.

Responsive Websites:
The new age websites need to cater to all screen resolutions. Mobile/Tabs are increasingly being used by customers. Why not give them the experience they want and make them your loyal customers.

· Frankly we have Rational Pricing and not the bottom of the ladder stuff.
· We do not want to compete with vendors who can give cheap quotes and then trap the client into coughing up more. And finally the latter ends up paying even more than what he/she would have planned for, not to mention the anxiety and follow-ups.

Whom will you contact for the work?:
· There will be 1 main point of contact & two more alongside.
· In case the main guy is on off – the 2nd takes charge – and in an extreme scenario if 2 are together not there due to any reason – 3rd one takes the mantle for that day. The management as such works in close tandem with the team, so it’s very rare that anything will be amiss.

Need someone from around my place?:
· US, Canada, Australia, UK or any place, internet is boundryless so it doesn’t matter any longer.
· Any which ways you are assured of Quality | Confidentiality | Timely Delivery when you do work with us.

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