Website Strategy Plan ExecutionGoal of the Exercise

1. Turn the website into an Online Property which keeps giving you consistent high returns in the years to come.Target visitors – local, national & international or as per preference.

2. Increase visibility of the website so it’s front and center, when customers are either

» searching for your product and services using Search Engines like Google. Improving organic ranking of targeted keywords and focused Adwords campaigns (if required) will be done here.

» Proactively reach customers wherever they may be (like through Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media or reaching them by press releases, forum participation etc).

3. Transform the website into a powerful Marketing Machine and not just a pretty looking design.

How will this be done?

STAGE 1: Making the Foundation

Step 1. Site Design, Best Practices Research, Keywords Market Map & Content

Site Design:
» Design is misunderstood as only related to look & feel of the website. However usability & visitor friendliness carry much more weight. This is what distinguishes the websites we make. Strong both from design and usability perspective. And not to forget making them discreetly geared towards conversion. Images too need to be contextual & good quality, otherwise they too work as turn-offs.

» This does not mean the site has to be very glitzy, usability can be achieved by keeping things simple too. The point we want to bring across is that there is no use of channeling traffic to a website if the visitors get confused or feel lost. You would have yourself seen sites that you detest for being clumsy & you simply close them as soon as you open them. Creating a purposeful website

» Anyways we’ll let you know whether there are some tweaks that can be done on the website that will serve good for you or if the whole site needs a revamp. However, if you plan to get a new website done, it’s best to do the foundation first & then implement. Remember its strategy before design rather than the other way round.

» Technical Aspects: This is something that most companies tend to ignore on purpose or due to lack of knowledge, however we will ensure that there are no technical shortcoming with respect to the SEO readiness of the website.

Best Practices Research:

» Every site has a few intelligent guys at the back, who use their experience and business skills to try and bring the best when building their website. You may send the names of your competitors and we’ll also shortlist approx 10-15 competitors. We will put our resources to capture the best design ideas, content ideas, call to actions, conversion statements etc from competitor websites and filter out the best to be used in ours. This implies we power pack the website with the best ideas out there & top it up with our own strategy.

» Linking is very important in STAGE-2. To have a stronger base, we’ll analyze where your competitors are getting links from. Make a list of the ones which we assess can be powerful links for your website and if possible get ourselves placed there too, when we do the link building exercise.
This implies that your website may be in most of the places where your 10-15 competitors are. You can see that logically this is going to give you an immediate push forward in your niche.

Keywords Market Map Strategy:

» We will do our internal keywords research using different tools and our years of expertise, to identify which keywords will work for your products/services.

» We will also look discerningly at the competitors keywords and add the most suitable ones to our kitty which we get from the Best Practices Research.

Every individual has a different mindset & will search for a particular product or service differently. Eg. If I have to search for paint for my car I may use the keyword ‘car paint’ whereas someone else may use ‘auto paint’ on Google. So you can see, the requirement may be similar but the keyword search patterns will invariably differ.Business Keywords Research

As the search terms used are different for different visitors, we may finally have a kitty of 100-200 keywords or even more (this depends on the niche). The clear number will only come after the exercise is completed.

This we call the “Keyword Market Map” which empowers us to make a rational online strategy to target the customers and not just do a random Hit & Trial.

This map will be calibrated with you to come up with the final set of keywords or for picking the ones that we go after in the first run. Your industry experience will give us some very handy insights in this.

This will also help identify the best keywords which you may want to use for Google Adwords campaign (if we decide to run it alongside).

Content Refinements:

» You will agree that once a visitor comes to your website searching for a particular keyword, he/she has to be provided information related to that. After we do the Keyword Market Map, we’ll have to designate which page caters to which keyword search. Logically we do not want our pages to be fighting among each other for ranking for the same keyword. This also confuses the search engines & this is a mistake that most SEO companies do due to lack of tracking or to just to pass over stuff quickly.

» Accordingly we will have to do content tweaks wherever required (of course keeping the essence intact) & we may also recommend if you need to add new pages. In simple terms, we need to make web pages relevant to what customers are searching for. If this means complete rewrite of the content, we will do it. Of course you can audit it & we assure you that the quality of content will top-notch.

The above steps will develop inherent strength of your website and will power it through the Stage 2 optimization.

Stage 2: Marketing – Getting it right there where the customers are

Our strategy will not only be doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for you, but our approach will be holistic ie. Internet Marketing. Remember this is the fuel for your website, so need to run it long term.

We will do diverse Internet Marketing including SEO at local, national & international level or as specified by you. This will include the following activities & more. We will internally see which ones will work best for you and use them phase wise based on how results start building up.

  • Article Submissions
  • Web 2.0 Creations
  • Video Submissions
  • Press Releases
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc)
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Citation Submissions
  • Google Places (very important)
  • Blog Submission
  • Blog Commenting
  • Yahoo Groups
  • Classified Submissions
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Google Adwords (if required)* only Google friendly White Hat Optimization techniques followed
  • * every activity done manually, which is loved by Search Engines.
    * trained & experienced team for execution.
    * strict quality checks followed


    Please Contact Us for the Best Price
    * for best results 10-15 keywords per pack
    * the improvements will be in organic rankings, so you also indirectly save good amount of money which you may otherwise have to spent on running Paid Campaign (PPC).

    How we Know where we are?

    STAGE 3: Tracking & Reporting Reports and Tracking for SEO

    » This main parameter for assessing the progress will be the improvements in Keywords Ranking on Google.

    » The inquiries on phone (if there is a contact number given) will also start increasing.

    » You will also see distinct improvements in the traffic inflow to your site based on what search numbers are for the targeted keywords. Also traffic will flow in from other sources where we will advertise your website links.

    » The diverse link building which we’ll do, will also get you mirror traffic to the website.

    » We will send you a customized business grade reports, which will list each activity clearly.
    This report will be both detailed and easy to understand, guaranteed value for money as compared to the usual messy reports which most vendors quickly club together.
    You will see that our report is certainly an extension of the professional approach we have for everything we do.


    » Our communication is very proactive and you’ll keep getting updates of the progress on our support system
    or by chat or email or as preferred by you (we use the reputed Basecamp project management tool)

    » Also we will be available to you on Skype, E-mail and even by phone whenever required.

    Client Involvement:

    » Most of the work will be done by us however we expect active involvement at the start from the client side too. It will be highly appreciated if any communication from us that needs a response is addressed on priority.

    » Release of payment on time.

    Other Terms:

    » The cost of the work will be estimated based on the current observations. In due course of work some aspects may come up, which may require additional monetary inputs. We will not be covering those & will be forthright in communicating them to you and you can accordingly take a decision based on the financial feasibility. though the chances of happening this are pretty low.

    » 30% advance payment or as mutually discussed will be required to initiate the project plan. In event of putting the campaign on hold, you will be required to let us know atleast 1 month in advance, so our resources are not drained unnecessarily.