Social Media Plan Social networking sites advertising is the online channel that is used to share content, profiles, viewpoints, ideas, experiences, perspectives, knowledge and news itself, thus facilitating conversations and additionally online connections between groups of persons with similar interest. The content of social media marketing sites is mainly user-generated and can be used for increasing professional connections too.

Social media marketing involves representation of businesses through engagement in personal networking websites, personal bookmarking sites, multi-media content sharing sites, industry forums, blogs and press-release sites too. This sharing of conversations, opinions etc also brings in traffic to the web site.

Once you are confident about our methodology for implementing a social media marketing campaign, we will need to survey your past promotional activities.  This  will  help  us  preserve  and  leverage  your  past  promotions,  while  designing  a  SMM campaign to give you maximum benefits.

Social Media Marketing Campaign – Goals and Objectives

Our Social Media Marketing campaign can address several business challenges. A customized campaign can be designed to achieve specific objectives. Following is a list of some of the prominent campaign objectives, which may be selected and prioritized based on requirements.

  • Increase online brand awareness.
  • Increase awareness about the company.
  • Increase awareness about the services.
  • Increase direct site traffic.
  • Promote newly launched products/ services.
  • Increase website visibility.
  • Increase sales.
  • Establish company’s reputation as a source of useful information by publishing content & articles
  • Change Company’s perceived image/ public opinion.
  • Popularize company’s re-branding.

The Activities

The Social Media Marketing campaign for your company/ organization will involve active participation in a number of blogs, forums, social networking sites, social bookmarking sites, clubs, associations and other industry related entities. At the time of campaign initiation, we will identify the most popular industry sites and define activities involved in the campaign that would produce the desired results.

We’ll determine the overall direction of the campaign. We will develop a company story; identify the primary messages, themes and topics of discussion. We will identify participants; develop profiles and the responsibility of each participant. The efforts and results of this campaign will be monitored and measured closely.

Social Media ProgramFollowing are some details about each activity:

Social Networking Sites:

A social network service focuses on building online communities of people, professionals and business owners who share common interests and activities, or who are as such interested in exploring the interests and activities of others. The professional profile created to represent the company is therefore a valuable source of information for the community. A well thought-out profile has the ability to influence readers and promote your brand. It also has the ability to act as a hub of information about different items such as reputation, testimonials, and reviews of the company. Some examples of these sites are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr etc. We will complete the profiles and “work” these accounts by building contacts, links and relationships.

Social Bookmarking:

Social Bookmarking is the method for Internet users to store, organize, search, and manage bookmarks of web pages on the internet. Users save links to web pages that they want to remember and/ or share.  People  can  view  these  bookmarks  by  tags,  category  or  via  search  engine.  Social bookmarking is a powerful technique to attract direct visitors to your website through social networking websites like Digg,, StumbleUpon, Reddit etc.  We will create several profiles on social bookmarking sites to bookmark and promote the company.

Other Social Media Sites

There are several other social media sites such as social news sites, opinion sites, multi-media sites and association sites, which can be leveraged to promote an organization.

Multimedia Sites like YouTube, Flickr, Reddit, Linkedin and Ustream specialize in online sharing of audio, video, photos, images, presentation slides etc.

Typical Social Media Marketing Campaign Cost

Conducting an effective social media marketing campaign requires tremendous amount of time and expertise. The actual cost is determined by the number of sites involved in the campaign, the amount of activity and the level of participation.  The  actual  sites,  blogs,  forums  and  other  activities  will  be identified  in  the  campaign  activity  plan.  While each Social Media Marketing campaign is highly customized to individual clients as per their business challenges, some typical engagements can cost as detailed below:

Campaign Tracking Reports: The reports will outline all the activities carried out for the campaign. The campaign may be tweaked and altered as per response or as per client requirements.

A social media marketing campaign is accumulative. What we do the first week and the first month, increases the benefit and the value of what we do the next month and the next year.

1. Facebook Send button
According to Facebook, Fans have the option to send your URL in an inbox message to their Facebook friends, to the group Wall of their Facebook groups, and as an email. While the Like button allows users to share your content with all of their friends, the Send Button allows them to send a private message to just a few friends.

2. FriendCard
FriendCard is a way to increase brand visibility by offering Fans the ability to send customizable branded greeting cards to their friends directly from the Facebook Page. Cards can be scheduled for delivery or sent immediately. Each time a card is sent, it gets posted to the recipient’s Wall.

Each card carries your logo, so each time one is sent, recipients and their friends are introduced to your brand.

3. Branded YouTube Channel
Merchants increasingly utilize online video to showcase products. This can include creating a YouTube channel for the videos. A number of Facebook app providers incorporate the YouTube channel into Facebook Pages as a separate tab.

More SMM Recommendations :

1.    Twitter can be used for updating latest tweets, offers, coupons etc and sharing them further via social media channels.

2.    FB will also be used for coupons, offers to fans, subscribers.

3.    Youtube channel will be used for more and more views and optimized for various business related keywords for top results within youtube to get maximum traffic. Commenting will be done to have loads of searches on youtube and search engines.

Facebook Marketing Campaign Strategy:

1. Social Media Analysis with Competition Analysis:
We’ll be doing Competition Analysis of Facebook Business Pages of the competitors to understand the current status and plan a strategy accordingly.

2. Generating Organic Likes:
Our primary target for the campaign would be to develop a strategic plan with tactics that will help the Business/services to interact with the guests and brand enthusiasts across Facebook to get maximum likes from the target audience. We’ll also develop stronger loyalty, and share the unique value and personality of your services within various groups and followers by sending requests to them to give us likes.

3. Designing Facebook Tabs:

Facebook tabs are essential for running Facebook contests and promotions. They also provide an exciting way to share engaging, visual content with your fans, brand awareness, and more. It will make your Business page act like a micro website.

4. Designing of Cover/ Background/ Profile Images/Post Images:’

We’ll be designing all this to highlight the business USPs and make the pages attractive. We will post more images that will generate curiosity in the audience and that will give back link which will redirect to the landing page (which will be a helpful feature also for SEO)

We do engage people easily by images & videos on Facebook news feed, as photos receive 120% more engagement than the average post.

5. Obtain brand name on Social Media e.g: Facebook/business name for Brand Recognition.

6. Content Optimization of the Facebook about Section: This will be targeted at promoting Keywords within the content.

7. Regular Posting: Regular post creation with original, relevant and interesting business content will be done.

8. Regular Social Media Engagements: We sometimes talk to audience like a friend, sometime it’s not related to our website but it’s better to talk on other things too. So that people show interest in our services. For this we will be posting regular replies for their posts which are more professional replies, and not really personal.

9. Create & Join Facebook groups: It is done in three different ways (open, closed and secret). Joining or creating groups for Facebook will help people to engage and allow everyone (only for members of these groups) to post and share their views, interests related to theme. As per our strategy, we can join related niche groups and have more and more likes by marketing these group posts to extensive number of people.

Google+ Marketing Campaign Strategy:

1)    Include Keywords and Relevant Links on the About Page
The About page is a fantastic opportunity to give a quick overview of your business. It can also be linked back to specific pages and services from this page, directing potential customers to the most important pages on your website.

2)    Connect With Whole Audience Using Google+ Events
Google’s Events feature which allows Google+ users to send out customized invitations to anyone regardless of whether they are Google+ users or not. It syncs beautifully with Google Calendar and shows up automatically when a user confirms for an event.

3)     Post Often and Optimize for Best Search Results
Google’s Social Search results are more relevant when they take into account the social connections. That makes it important to include keywords within the posts so that they will show up in followers’ search results.
Google’s search algorithm includes personalized search results specifically pulled from Google+ activity. The more relevant and content-based your Google+ posts are, the more search results you are likely to show up in.

4)     Set Up Google Authorship for SEO Benefits
Google is aggressively using SEO benefits to entice webmasters and bloggers to engage with Google+. Google Authorship is how Google authenticates and will increasingly begin to “trust” you as a quality source of content.

5)    Find Relevant Users and Conversations to Engage With

The number-one rule for success within a community or social platform is to engage in the relevant conversations that are taking place and add value when doing so. The success of your business within Google+ will be a direct result of how you engage from both your personal and business pages.

Twitter Marketing Campaign Strategy:

1.    We’ll be posting short tweets for higher engagement because according to new insights, tweets that contained less than 100 characters received 17% higher engagement as compared to tweets that were longer.

2.    We’ll be adding 1-2 hashtags including brand name and keywords because according to a research it is found that many brands are under-utilizing hash tags – only 24% of brands’ tweets contain hash tags. Brands that use hash tags received two times more engagement than those without them. However, the engagement levels drop if brands use more than three hash tags. Kind of: Less is MORE.

3.    We’ll be using attractive customized images highlighting USP’s of your business as a picture is not only worth a thousand words; it also counts for replies, retweets and views on twitter. According to a media research, tweets that contained pictures or links to images received twice the engagement. So we follow this strategy.

4.    We’ll be adding a call to action in the tweets. You might think this is common sense, but asking users to retweet really does work on Twitter. In fact, tweets that contains the word “RT” or “Retweet” receive 12x higher retweet shares as compared to those that don’t include a call to action.

5.    This is something new that by spelling the word “RETWEET” the average retweet rate is 23 times higher. So this is also a part of our strategy.