Why PPC is important and how we can run it optimally

How can you make pay per click marketing pay off… easy option, get hundreds if not thousands of relative search terms in your account, not just the high volume search terms but a combination, and this should be good for newbies.

There are so called experts who do not have the expertise, who bid unnecessarily high on terms that don’t convert to sales.

Main reasons being:
Some do not have a web analytics program to track sales and leads, so they end up guessing at what is working and what isn’t.

Others just get caught up in the ego of being number 1, instead of making smart business decisions.

The Key to PPC Success:

» Get multiple relevant search terms and bid on each one separately instead of broad matching a search term that has a high click through cost.

» You end up paying far more money for the broad matched terms than you should. This is an excellent method of increasing traffic and getting targeted search terms but the pricing is not worth it all.

What Really Matters

Campaign Development

We will design and implement your Pay-Per-Click campaigns from start to finish. We will keep refining based on ROI/results.

Development Services:

– Creating Adwords professionally managed accounts.

– Keyword Analysis and Development (100s, possibly 1000s of keywords, NOT just a handful).

– Creation of targeted advertising copies (many versions will be created, by keyword category, and continuously improved through active testing on all campaigns).

Campaign Management

This is where the real work begins. Roughly, there are two phases to the life-cycle of our campaign:

– Phase I – Data Collection, Creation of the Knowledge Base, and Optimization of the Initial Adwords Campaigns.

• Phase II (Thereafter) – General Maintenance, Continued Testing, and Market Surveillance.

About Phase I

– Data Collection – Detailed campaign information is being captured by Adwords.

– Creation of the Knowledge Base – Over time, the data collected becomes knowledge. Sophisticated tools built by, will tell us which keywords are converting and if particular advertisements or landing pages are more effective than others. Should we bid more for a given keyword and less for others? We’ll be able to modify your campaigns accordingly.

Campaign Optimization – Techniques include:

– Additions and/or Deletions to the keyword list.
– Increase or Decrease in the Maximum Cost-Per-Click (CPC) by keyword.
– Split-Testing of Ad Copy to increase the Click-Through-Rate (CTR).
– Split-Testing of Landing Pages, Prices, and Content to increase the Conversion Rate.
– Our strategies to capitalize on “relevance” for AdWords.

About Phase II

On a weekly basis we’ll perform routine maintenance on all of the active campaigns.

Key tasks include:
• Continued Ad Copy and Landing Page Split-Testing.
• Adjustments to Maximum CPC settings for each keyword.
• Keyword optimization, additions, and deletions.
• Continued “relevance” optimization for AdWords Reporting.

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