Improve your Account Health Score for Search

This seems to be a new addition from Google on the paid PPC Adwords.

Account Health Score Adwords

This is intended to improve the overall score of the Google Adwords campaigns.

We got to 90% for most of the campaigns we run and can get to 100% but did not choose to. Sometimes you can’t go blind even if Google tells you to. Lol.

If you think you need need help on this simply drop a message and we’ll set it right for you. Click here to contact.

Here’s what it talks about

Added callout extensions
Increases CTR
Added call extensions
Increases traffic
Using conversion tracking
Improves reporting
Ad groups have multiple ad variations
Increases CTR
Ad groups have enough keywords
Increases traffic
Added sitelink extensions
Increases CTR
Ad groups have active ads
Increases traffic
Ad groups have keywords
Increases traffic
Using an optimised ad rotation setting
Increases CVR
Using a mobile-friendly site
Increases ROI
Using a recommended daily budget
Increases traffic
Using first page bids for high quality keywords
Increases CTR.