Google Algorithm

The Google updates in the last 2 years have completely revamped the way SEO is done. The activities that gave results earlier are no longer effective now.  Quantities of links were important before but now even less links of high quality can be decisive. What is on the website and how the website is structured are also the key.

All techniques need to be duly combined/tweaked based on how the results show up and should not be utilized unless felt required. The link building has to be natural and diverse, of course needs definite expertise altogether. No one knows what Google has on its mind or when they tweak their algorithm, but here’s a sneak peek at what it where as of now.

One Way links

One way links mean – the designated sites link to your website but your website does not link back to them. In simple terms those websites give you a vote but you don’t vote back.

Manual Directory Submissions

  • This is another link building channel but one needs to be very selective.

Manual Social Bookmarking Submissions

  • The same will be applicable for book marking which is mentioned above in directory section. Think of these as bookmarking a link not on your PC but online.

Blog Submissions

  • Try to keep the post ratio as 2 posts/week – max 4 posts/month.

Article writing and Manual article directory submissions

  • Authority Article sites like Ezine are good to get listed on. One approved article here per month is recommended. Other sites carry little value now.

Press Release submissions

  • For best results only paid Press Release services should be taken. They have strict quality control.

Manual search engine submissions

  • Ignore please. No longer something to lose sleep over.

RSS feed generation

  • These are history – not even worth to know about.

Google/Yahoo/Bing webmaster accounts setup and sitemap submissions

  • These are tools provided by respective services to catalog given websites and links in their preferred format. We can know where we lag as per set parameters of these search engines.

Google Analytic Tools Setup

  • This tool tracks a visitor after it lands on the website. More like what, where, how.

Google Webmaster Tools Setup

  • This is similar to one of the points above.

Bing Webmaster Tools Setup

  • This is similar to one of the points above.

XML Sitemap, .ror sitemap, HTML Sitemap and all updated each month.

  • These help communicate better with the respective search engines.

Google+ account setup and content posting on regular basis

  • This is part of social media – so logically we avoid this too.

Onsite Optimization (Keyword generation, Meta Tag creation, alt image tags, headings)

  • Very  important and refers to the content/images etc on the website. Of course if we do it, we ensure that the essence of the content will remain unchanged. And it gets all duly audited by you.
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